Welcome to my Robot project page

This project is my undergraduate thesis for my computer engineering degree.  The project is an autonomous navigation mobile robot.  The robot is capable of navigating/mapping indoor office like areas by itself.  What is its connection to the WMN (World Minesweeper Network)?  Well the WMN was created in part as a learning exercise so I would be able to create the far more complicated simulator.  Also I have enough web space left on the server so I might as well use it for this web page.

Does the robot work?  It sure does! Feel free to download the videos of the robot navigating, making a map or just the flyby.  The format in Microsoft Media 9.0

Small version of the robot navigating (1.77 mb)

Large version of the robot navigating (6 mb)

Flyby video of the robot (1.74 mb)

Small version of the robot making a map (6 mb)

Click to look at thesis paper (pdf), for a more detailed description of the robots capabilities.  Start at chapter 5 if only interested on the results.  For a quick description click here

I have posted the source code due to a few requests.  Here is the link to that page.  Source Code Page

Any comments?  Email me at robot@worldminesweepernetwork.com  


Click here or on the picture to get more info on the simulator that was created.

Click here or on the picture to get more info on the map editor that was created.

Here are the pictures of the actual robot (click on the page numbers below).

Note that the pages (1-8) are pictures of the robot being built, in chronological order.

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